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Spike Lee Blasts NYC Gentrification

“You cant do that, you cant just come to neighborhoods, and start bogarting shit. You cant come and Christopher Columbus our people, like how they killed off the Native Americans, you have to come with respect, there is a culture, there’s people, you cant just move in and…”

Albeit old. This year old video is slowly picking up steam in 2015. We here at BendXl plan to deliver more information and awareness of the socio economical and racial implication of Gentrification this year. For this is a on going social phenomena that is affecting thousands of minorities in our once great city.

“There’s good. But what cost? If we lose half of the African-American population, in my neighborhood, Fort Greene, and the schools become better, what happened to half the people that left?” he said.“I just find it interesting you have to have an influx of white New Yorkers to move into these neighborhoods for the services to go up, for the schools to be better,” he told CNN. “They get better sanitation, get more police protection. Why didn’t that happen before gentrification? We’re still paying taxes. We’re still New Yorkers.”

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