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PARTYNEXTDOOR Speaks! (Fader April 2015 Cover)

In 2 short years, Which is like a decade in internet time. PND has gone from unknown Canadian bedroom producer to internet underground cult icon.  Now it seems like Jahron is ready to take it to the next level once again, with his first official interview as PND with Fader. We get a glimpse of the man behind the music, and his background and foundation to where he is now. Check it OUT.

A Excerpt below

“He moved from L.A. to Miami, and his music began to reflect the recklessness of his lifestyle as a teenager living and partying in South Beach with the adults who formed his management’s inner circle. He took meetings with Jimmy Iovine and pitched himself as a solo act. “Here’s music that’s written and produced by one guy but no one else could sing,” he explains of his plan to escape writing for other people. “So just let me sing my songs and sign me as an artist. Cause this is the only music I’m going to make. I created my own world, and you’re gonna have a hard time shopping this.” He took the name PARTYNEXTDOOR from a production filter in the Fruity Loops program, one he thought sounded closest to whichever one 40 used”


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