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A Chat With BACKPACK (One Of Atlanta’s Rising Hit Producers)

Atlanta is the city where the playa’s play. Where they ride them things like everyday. Big Beats, hit streets, see gangsta’s roamin’ and parties dont stop til’ eight in the morning. Well the party hasnt stopped yet. For the past decade ATLANTA has continued to be the hot spot for emerging artists, sounds, styles, trends in hip hop. From back to when JD initially dropped song, to Outkast, to Lil John and the Crunk era, To the snap movement, to the futuristic movement, to the turn up era, to the trap music, to now where we are in 2015: “New Atlanta”

Atlanta is nonetheless a special city. With a special dynamic as well.  Where the men behind the scenes are just as vital and important as the stars in the front. From JD, Lil John and the Shawty Redds and DJ toomps of the past to the Mike Will’s, Metro Boomin’s and 808 Mafia’s of today. Some would say Producers role in Atlanta music are arguably more important than the actual artist. Where producers not only dictate the sound, they dictate the vibe of the song, the club, and ultimately the city.

Now this where BACKPACK (Miller) comes in. A young and hungry ATL based producer who has his eyes on the top. A multi dimensional Artist/Producer whose skill set goes beyond DAWs. To actual instruments such as the piano and violin.  With a resume of collabs under his belt with artists such as Casino, Young Scooter, Lil Durk, Lucci, Boosie, Leegit, Rae Sremmurd, Two-9, Kevin Gates, Future, BACKPACK is no stranger to the game. But with his breakout song, Rae Sremmurd illustrious album opener “Lit Like Bic” in 2015, be prepared to see his name alot more in the future.

BendXL couldnt resit having a sit down with the man behind the beats.

BendXL: First off, Where are you from?
Backpack: College Park the southside of Atlanta,Ga
BendXL: How old are you?
BendXL: When did you realize you were going to take music serious?
Backpack: I took piano lessons at 5 so always had an interest but really started taking it serious after I started playing for my church around 16.
BendXL: What is your DAW of choice?
Backpack: I’m a Reason head but I prefer Fruity Loops
BendXL: What is one must have accessory/plugin/vst etc.
Backpack: I must have a piano in the mix and my signature drums and 808s
BendXL: What was your first big placement?
Backpack: Rae Sremmud – Lit Like Bic is my first big placement
BendXL: WOW, Lit Like Bic is none the less a banger. How did the whole song come about?How did you get that beat to Rae, Mike and the EarDrummas?
Backpack: I made Lit Like Bic while I was “Lit Like Bic” foreal lol. I was just in another zone a good place and Rae Sremmurd took the same feelings and vibe I had for the song and came up with a national smokers anthem. I know Mike, Rae and The Ear Drummers personally but it still wasnt easy because they have a tight circle but Mike gave me a chance.
Bendxl: What is your proudest moment of your career so far?
Backpack: So far finally making an album after 4 years of going hard everyday! Making an album has changed my life swear everyday it gets better and it has opened so many doors.
BendXL:Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Backpack: In 5 years I hope to have my own music label and putting out my own artist with my signature production
BendXL: What type of artists do you enjoy working with?
Backpack: I like working with anybody that likes working with me. I really enjoy when the artist have me come in the studio and make a fresh beat from scratch
BendXLIs there anyone in particular you want to work with?
Backpack: Kanye West and Pharrell are two guys I would love to just vibe out with in the studio
BendXL: You are a Artist/Producer yourself, do you see yourself wanting to have a career similar to Ye and P. In which you rap or sing and make songs as your own entity?
Backpack: I do see myself becoming an artist but more so DJ/Artist. I’m going to keep putting out my Whats In That Bag Boy series of mixtapes to keep the streets hot. I also have a dubstep EP done already just waiting on the right time to release my future projects.
BendXL: ATLANTA has been the hot spot of urban music for the last 10 years. What is it about that city that seems to produce the constant hits,flows,talent and new waves?
Backpack: I think its the vibes and diverse people. Atlanta is a laid back city but we like to turn up every chance we get. Thats what makes our music so good. We’re always in the club so of course we know what it takes to move the club crowd.
BendXL:What advice do you have for up and coming producers.
Backpack: Keep going and don’t let nobody tell you that you can’t do it! The world is ours and if you want something bad enough you’ll go get it! This music industry is a whole different world and its not easy to get into. So if this is something that you seriously want to do. Do It and give it your all 100%
BendXL:Are there any up and coming songs or artists that you are working on that we should be on the look out for?
Backpack:I guess I can spill the beans on a few artist but definitly be on the look out for more work with Rae Sremmurd, Young Scooter, Boosie, French Montana, Kevin Gates and new comer Jonah Cruzz
How would a up and coming artists or big name get in contact with you?
Backpack: I’m really everywhere but not hard to get in contact with just hit me on my Twitter or IG @Backpackmiller or even hit up my website , SOUNDCLOUD
Thank you Bend XL for interviewing me! – Backpack

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